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Auto Jack Herer

This variety Auto Jack Herer is a success of cannabis breeders. It is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of Jack Herer with Ruderalis genetics. A revolution for those who can not wait to reap the regular seeds. 

In his own genetic sativa phenotypes (20%), ruderails (30%) and indica (50%). So it’s a little different from the Jack Herer Regular. 

It has a perfect balance between performance and growth, and shows the best of Sativa and Indica characteristics. 

Presents a sticky resin and a cerebral high effects, two qualities highly valued by cannabis lovers. 

You must have 9 weeks from germination to the collection, a time in which you can enjoy its beauty and hope for the best performance. It grows well indoors and outdoors, and we could say it is a dwarf plant of about 40-90 cm on average. 

However, despite its size, its buds are abundant, and has a great production of resin. 

The Jack Herer Auto intensifies the flavor of Jack Herer Regular. A tangy exotic flavor with a touch of sweet fruit on the palate direct. 

THC has a rate of 20.94% and a CDB level about 0.2%. 

It is one of the varieties most valued by medical marijuana. It has a fast and strong effect. It stimulates the brain with a strong and constant tingling. You have to try it. 

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