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Auto White Widow


White Widow is possibly one of the most famous marijuana plants in the world and the autoflowering version of this variety is wonderful that enables quick way to enjoy its charms. 

With an aroma and taste great, this autoflowering hybrid also comes from genetic Brazilian x South. Ruderalis have been added to achieve auto-flowering gene. 

It is a very productive plant and does not create any problems for cultivation. For its benefits is known worldwide as the smoke of laughter and happiness, and thanks to its ease of cultivation, is one of the most prized for medicinal cannabis. 

The buds are compact and contain large amounts of resin. Like the original White Widow has wide dark green leaves. It only takes about 75 days to grow from seed to bud. 

The only real difference is the autoflowering growth, a bit smaller, and effects slightly more physical than cerebral. 

It has a very good production; 500 grams per m2. Productivity and resistance make it the favorite of novice and expert growers. 

Contains 16% THC, more than the regular version and a high CBD, for that reason is very, very suitable for medicinal cannabis. 

It is used to alleviate the effects of chronic pain. It is also highly recommended for moments of depression, it helps to leave home, to enjoy and laugh with laughter. 

Its scent is earthy and sweet. The only difference with the original White Widow is that its effect is more physical than cerebral. 

Auto White Widow is an automated classic so you can enjoy the best marijuana in a shorter period of time. Relax and enjoy.

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