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Auto Northern Lights

This is a quintessential Indica autoflowering. Born from the crossing of an Afghan with Ruderalis, this variety is ...

Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar is a feminized autoflowering variety with a high yield. He currently holds a record production of 350g ...

Auto Jack Herer

This variety Auto Jack Herer is a success of cannabis breeders. It is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of Jack ...

Auto Somango

Smoke an Auto Somango is the equivalent of drinking a fruit cocktail. It’s son of Jack Herer with Big Skunk ...

Auto Super Skunk

Super Skunk Variety is one of the most consistent strains of the current scene of feminized seeds. 

It ...

Auto White Widow

White Widow is possibly one of the most famous marijuana plants in the world and the autoflowering version of this ...