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Amnesia Haze

We have chosen Amnesia Haze as one of the varieties most valued worldwide for cannabis lovers.
This marijuana plant has a percentage of 80% Sativa 20% Indica. This is a hybrid that comes from the cross between a strain of Dutch genetics with Haze hybrids of US origin. The result is a unique variety of marijuana and highly valued for their effects on the body and its high production.
It can be grown indoors and outdoors with very good results. Outdoors, it can reach 1.20m, but keep in mind that needs heat. Therefore it is very suitable for warmer areas of Australia, North Africa and California.
It has a prolonged bloom, almost 12 weeks, but the wait is worth it, and growers know. Due to its long growth time is recommended greenhouse cultivation.

Its production is very great, of 70-80 grams per plant indoors and up to 200gr per plant outdoors. An impressive marijuana factory! For good results it is advisable to be aware of pests, climate control and irrigation, because it is a fairly sensitive to temperature range.

Smoke is thick, like mist, hence its name. The aroma and flavor of each puff are sweet and fruity. Predominantly citrus, pine and lemon. A cloud envelops you in an atmosphere you will not forget.

His buzz is totally psychedelic. As the name suggests, this variety can cause some memory loss. So keep a blog of notes or a video camera ready if you need to remember something, or meet people with confidence, as you will live a real brain blackout.

We recommend that you resort to this wonder when you want a break and a total disconnect for body and soul … a reset for your senses.

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