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Auto Mazar


Auto Mazar is a feminized autoflowering variety with a high yield. He currently holds a record production of 350g per plant, a marvel. 

It is a robust and easy to grow plant. It comes from the super famous Mazar crossed with an Automatic Indica. This has been a great success. 

This variety offers the same features as the Mazar, but has a record time of flowering, approximately 11 weeks. 

This variety reaches 80 cm on average, has a very robust body and survives well to pests and fungi. Its major strength is the harvest. It can produce more than 200 grams of resinous buds per plant. Quite impressive when you consider its size. 

Have low levels of THC, only a 10%, but offers a comfortable physical buzz. 

In the flowering period shows all kinds of fruit flavors and fragrancesspecies, pepper and ground… 

In the body, the effects of this variety are soothing, powerful and provides great sense of wellbeing. A comfortable and very rewarding feeling that perfectly complements its aromas. 

It is perfect for those looking for a big production, in good time, and some soft effects on the body. The favorite of the quietest smokers. 

Product Length: 2000.0000 mm
Product Width: 1600.0000 mm
Product Height: 2300.0000 mm
Product Weight: 250.0000 kg
Product Packaging: 260.0000 kg
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