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Pineapple Chunk

In recent years, this strain has become the top 10 sales for its many advantages. Is a sum of flavors, productivity, effects on the organism and a high quality smoke.

However, his greatest success lies in the fact of its ease of cultivation.

Its taste is an icon for Skunk lovers. Skunk Flavour with a hint of pineapple. A tropical combination, which has became several cannabis cup winner.

This cannabis strain is indica in its higher percentage. To achieve this result were basically crossed phenotypes Skunk # 1 with Cheese and Pineapple.

Is recommended for growers with a tight schedule. It is ideal because it has a period of short and fast flowering. Easily generates a lot of shoots with a high yield, in only 55 days.

It is highly valued for its production as it can be up to 600 gr per m2. Fits perfectly in indoor, outdoor and in greenhouse. It also gives good results in hydroponics.

The curiosity of this plant is that it looks like a pineapple. The branches are built around a large central bud and a side branch that exploits at the time of flowering with a good fertilization.

Flowers are dense and heavy, and produce one of the highest levels of THC of current varieties.

The combination of its chemical elements makes it ideal for depressive moods and times of extreme physical and emotional exhaustion. It causes euphoria and excitement.

Its effects are something to remember; gives you an intense shaped bit. Stimulates your brain in just a few minutes and envelops you in an exotic euphoria.

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