AK-47 Fem
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AK 47

The Auto Pineapple Chunk variety of is really a hit for those seeking vigor and rapid flowering.

Its aroma is the same as the regular version, with intense pineapple, but also presents a sensational earthy hues.

Without many complications, produces impressive 80-100 grams per plant delicious Indica.

This cannabis strain is the result of crossing phenotypes Skunk # 1 with Cheese, Pineapple and obviously, Ruderalis.

The flavors are still exotic, ripe pineapple with a hint Skunk. Therefore has been multiple nominations in major cannabis cup internationally.

Easily generates a lot of shoots with a high yield of only 55 days.

We recommend it for growers with a tight schedule. It is ideal because it has a period of short and fast flowering.

It is highly valued for its production as it can be up to 600 gr per m2. Fits perfectly in indoor, outdoor and greenhouse. It also gives good results in hydroponics.

We believe it is one of the varieties with higher THC, touching 25%. Ideal for depressive moods, stress and times of extreme physical and emotional exhaustion.

This plant has the effect of relaxing, we induces sleep and states of absolute tranquility.

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