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This marijuana plant is the perfect combination of taste, ease of cultivation, aroma and effects on the body. This hybrid cannabis is a copy designed to meet the expectations of any expert and novice grower of cannabis. 

It is a cross between Afghani x Skunk, so it becomes a mostly Indica variety. It has a small tall, less than 1 meter high. Presents a compact appearance with short internodal distances, large leaves and dark green. 

It is an ideal crop in tight space floor. For this reason, the variety of marijuana is preferred by growers of large cities, that do not have much space in their homes. 

It is an operative plant in every sense: It has a short flowering period of only seven weeks. In indoor growing this strain has a good production of 65-75 grams per plant, and can easily reach 600 grams per square meter under a 600W light. If grown outdoors in warm climates like Spain, Italy or California, it can produce more than 100 grams per plant. 

Also, because of its relative short flowering can be grown in northern latitudes such as the UK, the Netherlands; however, outdoors will not reach their full potential as you would indoors and under lights. 

This strain of cannabis is valued for its buzz. Its flavor is pungent, red fruit with a touch of damp and forest. 

A puff of smoke with a solid thud physically and mentally. A sense of belonging to earth, with leg strength, and very subtle mental level. The downturn is mild and pleasant. 

A variety of cannabis created for the most cosmopolitan growers; urban, easy, small, manageable but with spectacular results. The Nature in your city.

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