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L.S.D is the result of crossing Skunk x Mazar. A powerful marijuana plant with effect trippy. For this reason it has been awarded several cannabis cups. 

This is a strain with a indica genetic basis for the most percentage. Strain generations have achieved a stable and robust unit that responds well in all culture conditions. 

The most remarkable thing about growing, is that it has a very good performance, slightly above average, which makes it a very popular choice. 

It is a dwarf plant that reaches 60 cm but despite his stature can produce up to 600 gr / m². Indoor harvest is recommended, but also responds well outdoors. 

Has one of the highest levels of THC: 24% CBD: 1.3%, so this cannabis is a bomb. 
The growers venerate this strain because as a whole is extremely good; high yield, easy to grow and especially, brutal effects on organisms. 

Its aroma is intense, to chestnuts sweet, smell of musk. Some tasters also ensure that possesses earthy and spicy nuances. 

If you want a strong tremor and almost psychedelic euphoric experience, LSD is your choice.

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