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With a 75% of indica, we found the Somango variety, nicknamed “the beast” by the marijuana growers. A hybrid designed to transport you, to the most exotic and tropical world warmer areas of the planet. 

It is a strain resulting from the crossing of Jack Herer with Big Skunk Korean. His predecessor Soma # 5, opened the way to late 90s for being one of the first mango-flavored varieties. 

It is a plant with long side branches. It usually does not exceed 1.60 m, but its branches easily grow to the neighbor’s yard, so it must be pruned to control its width. 

This strain loves organic fertilizers. Will respond very well to a care with fertilizers made from guano. Outdoors grow smoothly, perhaps too much. 

Most impressive of this variety is the color of its leaves in time of ripening. Are covered with purple tones and the buds are behind, covered of a flakes of resin. 

It has a high average yield of about 500g per m2, made highly valued by cannabis lovers fruity flavor. Is valid for novice growers if they take account of fertilizers and fertilizer. 

Your adrenaline is perfect to change the mindset. Containing 18% THC, which causes a buzz that leads to euphoria and stimulates you whole body. Also opens the doors of creativity. 

Some experts recommend for Somango smokers eat a mango before smoking, the results are exquisite, taste will triples and the feelings are very encouraging. 

The taste of Somango is thank’s to a wise nature. A shot of fruit mixed with joy. Ideal for publishers, creative, architects or designers who have lost their spark. 

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