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White Widow



White Widow is the legend of marijuana. A variety that became fashionable in most coffeeshops of Amsterdam in the mid-90s, and has remained a favorite of the afternoons and evenings recreational cannabis. 

This masterpiece comes from the intersection of genetic Brazilian x South, and has become an icon of reference for white varieties worldwide. 

Your Indica face makes it more manageable, with great resistance to fungus and pests, and suitable for most indoor spaces, outdoor and greenhouse. Your Sativa face, makes it the elixir of laughter, so it has become a social icon to share with friends. 

It grows quite high, with fine and delicate branches. It has a flowering time of approximately 67 days. Its buds are compact enough to contain the copious amounts of resin produced. 

It has a very good production; 450 grams to 700 grams interior and exterior per m2. Productivity and resistance make it the favorite of novice and expert growers. 

Its resin contains 12% THC and high CBD, for that reason is very, very suitable for medicinal cannabis. 
It is used to alleviate the effects of chronic pain. It is also highly recommended for moments of depression, it helps to leave home, to enjoy and laugh with laughter. 

Its scent is earthy, with a spicy and astringent touch. In the palate is sweet and a tad acidic. But the best is that awakens the senses, laughter, good cheer and then laughter again. 

White Widow is the ally of the evenings with friends, partying in group and times of downturn, an elixir of joy.

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