How Indica and Sativa Affect Your Body and Mind

Many breeders combine different indica and sativa varieties into hybrids. But separately, these varieties are very different.  You should know what type of weed does what in order to make an informed decision. At one moment in life, you may want to lie back and relax, at another moment you may need inspiration and motivation. 

Indica – a Mellow High

The sedative effect from an indica strain has a great impact on a person’s body. It gets harder to move, making users feel lazy and drowsy (couch-lock). In this state, people get connected to their inner world, thoughts start rushing into the distance, feelings become more intense, sounds become clearer and the colors - brighter. Time slows down and there may be a feeling that consciousness leaves the physical body. In some cases, people start experiencing synesthesia; for example, when a person starts seeing sounds. Toward the end, you will feel an overwhelming desire to eat everything that comes your way.

Tips for Enhancing the High

First of all, in order for weed to bring the greatest possible effect, it must be collected at the very peak of saturation with psychoactive substances. And then, to keep all of the substances, it’ll need proper harvesting and storage. As for the users, they shouldn’t drink anything because liquids remove psychoactive substances from the blood. Too much oxygen significantly reduces the duration of the effect.

How to Have the Best Experience with Indica

Since the high is more focused on contemplation, you will be reluctant to do any activity and find difficulty in even trying. Indica calls for solitude but not necessarily loneliness. You can have a good time with friends playing cards or watching videos. Someone in the group will definitely be extra slow, which is amusing to witness. The indica high is great for meditation, chilling out, watching movies, listening to music and deep conversations. Before you try indica, make sure you don’t have any responsibilities hanging over your head.  

Stimulating Sativa Effects

With sativa strains, the brain and the nervous system are stimulated, which improves the emotional state and increases the perception of all sensory organs. Every moment is filled with happiness, everything around you becomes beautiful and the feeling of love is overwhelming. Quite often there are feelings of empathy for another person, and their emotional state and problems. That makes you a more sociable, wanting to share and hear others thoughts, life experiences, and even answers to the eternal questions. Sativa is great for creativity: you will have new ideas and find solutions for problems that once seemed to be hopeless. Barriers cease to exist and you’ll feel so inspired that you’ll need to act on it.

An Inspiring High Without Consequences

To reduce the likelihood of problems from long-term use, you should cut down on extremely strong sativa varieties, as well as reduce the duration of their impact. The easiest way to do this is to drink more water, in order to remove the psychoactive substances mentioned earlier. Fresh air and low temperatures can slow down the metabolic processes, which significantly reduces the number of effective substances entering the brain.

How to Have the Best Time with Sativa

Sativa will not allow you to get bored. Noisy parties, games or activities will be extra fun. Try engaging in a creative process because ideas will come on their own. Sativa will help you to perform even routine tasks; they’ll be done easily and enthusiastically. You can get together with friends and talk, go for a walk, or even go sightseeing. Frankly speaking, whatever you do, it’ll feel more exciting.


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