Steps to buy

Each day, holds an open sale when anyone can buy the cannabis seeds for 24/7.You only have to choose the strain or strains that you love, select the amount and make the payment. We will delivery it at the minimum time possible. 

We will really happy to help you, in your purchase process of marijuana seeds, or in any question that you can have. 
Step by step: 

1.- If you are looking for a particular product enter words in the search bar at the top of the screen and show you all relevant products . To refine your search , select Product category “Feminized” or “Autoflowering” from the dropdown menu to the right of the bar . 

2.-Browse the online store and discover all varieties. Select the one you want with the “Add to cart” button. You can put more than one seed selecting the ” +” symbol 

3.- For more products , you can add them to the cart and we’ll be adding to your cart 

4.- When you’re done , go to the “cart” and select the payment method you want to use . 

5.- Enter the data for delivery, and ends the order