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Auto Amnesia Haze

Auto Amnesia Haze is one of the varieties most valued worldwide for cannabis lovers. 

This marijuana plant is highly Sativa, with a 80% . The remaining es a little bit of Indica and Ruderalis genetics. 

In this case it is a hybrid that comes from the cross between a Dutch strain genetic hybrid of American origin Haze Ruderalis. 

From the germination to the crops takes approximately 12 weeks. 

Can reach 1.20m, outdoors, but this variety needs heat. Therefore it is very suitable for warmer areas of Australia, North Africa and California. Although also responds well indoors and in greenhouses. 

His bloom is prolonged , almost 12 weeks, being an autoflowering, but the effort is rewarded. 

It has a good production of about 70-80 grams per plant indoors and up to 200g per plant outdoors. 

Looks like a factory buds. It is recommended to take care the pests, and especially control the heat. 

The smoke is devastating, it seems London fog. Its aroma and taste surprises, because each puff is increasingly sweet and fruity. 

Although the flavor of pine stands, also has many citrus nuances and lemon. 

As the name suggests this phenomenon of nature will cause loss of memory for a few moments. You won’t remember this buzz of which, that is quid. 

When you need to disconnect of all, we recommend that you resort to this marvel, a relief for the thinkers.

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