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Lemon Haze


If you like marijuana strains with citrus flavors this certainly is your choice. 
Most marijuana tasters are agree that this variety is the best citrus strains of marijuana on the market. It is said that even the buds seem freshly cut lemon. 

Comes from the intersection of several plants of worldwide renown; OG Kush x Original Haze and White Widow. All very recognized by growers and consumers. The result is a curious hybrid. 

It has a very sativa structure but their phenotypes are dominant indica. It is small and robust, and surprise to growers for its beauty and colorful. 

From germination to harvest can be counted a mere 65 days. 

Presents some buds with green and yellow. In addition it is covered with hairs on amber trichomes, which makes it a pretty yellow variety. 

It seems that THC has a level of 15-20% with 0.38% CBD. 
Growers point out that the best yields of this variety are given indoors at about 20 hours of light. Production is approximately 150 grams. 

In terms of effects on the body this variety known for producing euphoria, raise the spirits and give a rush of happiness. Perfect for times of stress. 

Lemon Haze has a freshly squeezed lemon taste. A smoke Acid and bitter with a spicy touch. This plant push up to everybody. 

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