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Puple Haze

Purple Haze Seeds are Feminized seeds that are very easy to grow especially for first time users. The unique property of these seeds is that they are resistant to catching diseases and so they can be safely grown both indoors and outdoors. The composition is predominantly sativa. 70% Sativa and 30% Indica properties combined will make you float on purple clouds. The THC content is high almost 20%. The CBD levels in this strain are 0.10%. The flowering time is 9-10 weeks and the yield per plant is considerably high. The plant has bright green leaves that are full of orange coloured hairs. The buds are dense and sticky loaded with trichomes.

The effect of the seeds is one that creates an uplifting mood. The euphoria that comes from the Sativa content gives you a high that transports you to the love induced times of 1960s. The smell is fragrant and the lavender hues are remarkably noticed when it is smoked. The plant has medicinal properties due to which it is very useful in treating many ailments.

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